Driven: Mazda 6 2.5


Funny story. I took part in a focus group for a marketing research company last week, and part of the ‘research’ involved me doing a spot of mystery shopping. Essentially I had to head down to a number of showrooms, look at a number of new cars, as well as gauge the level of service provided.

Of the five cars that I was supposed to ‘check out’ on the shortlist that I was provided with, I had driven four of them previously, so in a way I pretty much already knew what to expect even before stepping into the showroom. The fifth one though, which I had not driven, I had to spend a bit more time with.

That fifth car was the Mazda 6, and I remembered thinking as I sat inside the car at the showroom, “Damn, this car is really impressive. I must take it out for a test drive.”

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